Different Causes for a Toothache

Different Causes for a Toothache

Everyone has experienced a toothache at least once in their life. While this can be very painful, there are many root causes for this. There are benign to serious dental issues that can cause this and we will be explaining this in depth in the article below.

Cavities are one of the most common causes of toothaches.

This is also called dental decay and this happens when the bacteria in your mouth converts the starch and sugar from food into acid. And this acid is responsible for damaging the tooth enamel and over time there will be cavities formed. When a tooth has a cavity, its sensitive inner layers are exposed and this is when you feel pain. This is something that can happen if you happen to consume sugar food very frequently and neglect dental hygiene. Also, by regularly visiting the Mayfield dental clinic, you will have a better idea of your oral health. Dentists are able to spot the earliest signs of decay which is something we will not be able to discern with an untrained eye. And this allows them to take action ensuring you don’t suffer from a toothache later on.            

Gum disease can also give rise to toothaches.

If you ignore inflammation of your gums, it can progress to periodontitis. The first stage where you experience inflammation is called gingivitis. The gum will pull away from the teeth which will lead to the creation of a pocket. And here, bacteria can accumulate contributing to an infection which you will later notice as pain. The infection can also affect the bone surrounding the area. To prevent this from happening, you need to brush and floss teeth regularly and visit the dental clinic for professional dental cleanings. They will be able to remove plaque and tartar from hard to reach areas of the mouth. Sometimes, an infection in the form of dental abscess at the root of your tooth or occurring between the gum and the tooth can lead to a toothache. An abscess is formed when gum disease or cavities are untreated. Sometimes they can be created due to tooth trauma. If left untreated a dental abscess can cause the infection to be spread to other parts of the body which is why it is so important to treat this early.

If you have sensitive teeth,

This can be because the protective enamel on your teeth is worn down. When this happens, you will feel a sharp pain when you consume acidic, hot, cold or sweet food and drinks. When the enamel is worn down, it exposes the nerve endings and the dentin. While brushing teeth is important, it is all the more important that you brush with the correct technique. If you brush too vigorously, it can lead to tooth sensitivity. Other causes can be using abrasive toothpaste or grinding teeth. Sometimes you may grind teeth while asleep. You can ask your dentist about a solution for this; many people tend to use mouthguards to prevent this.

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