How to Consume Kava: 4 Easy Methods?

How to Consume Kava: 4 Easy Methods?

One of the main questions from consumers is what is the best way to take this herbal root. This is something quite common because there is so much controversy regarding this root.

A good place to start is to use 2 tablespoons of kava powder with any liquid of your choice. Mix the solution for around 1 to 2 minutes and enjoy. Kava powder can be easily extracted with water or fatty liquids like milk, coconut milk or even soy milk. So, to add a thickness or enjoy it a shake many people blend it with a milk of your choice. This is an ideal starting point and actually ensures good extraction of the kava.

Do I need to filter the remaining powder after extraction?

As a general rule of thumb, kava root products are always filtered after blending. They can be extracted with a liquid of your choice. You can use muslin bags or any other filtration technique. However, you should also note that ingesting the powder after extraction is not harmful within the given limits. It might actually have some linked health benefits because it is a fibrous root.

However, let’s not test out limits and use the old filtration method. So, pour the blended solution through a muslin bag, or whatever filter you have.

4 best ways to consume Kava

The Root

If you want to be completely natural, then the root of the kava is the ideal method for you. You can use the pure root to make kava drinks. You can go a bit extra by adding in some Kavalactone Paste.

Kava Capsules

Not everyone likes the taste of a fibrous root, so the other best option is to go for the capsules. Caps are considered a down and dirty way to enjoy the benefits of Kava. However, when picking capsules, make sure the Kavalactones content is less than 30%. This is a recommendation from us.

This is because all the benefits of kava don’t come from the main active ingredient, Kavalactones. There are 24 other alkaloids present in the root.

You can easily enjoy all the benefits of Kava with the maximum 30% kavalactones content. The higher you go the better the pleasurable effects, but the kava root is strictly regulated to ensure that the right dosage is consumed.

Kava Tea

This option really isn’t an option but is a popular method used by consumers to have kava. The active ingredient is destroyed by hot water, so all the best parts are gone.

Kavalactone Paste

This paste is considered a staple in the Kava world. It is quite concentrated and therefore pricey. However, you only need a little of the concentrated paste to enjoy the full benefits.

These are 3 of the best ways to consume Kava. I’d say the easiest to have the capsule and many reviews have also shown that capsules provide a more sedative and relaxing experience while drinks make you more energetic and social.

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