Potential Benefits of Nicotine – Is It Bad?

Potential Benefits of Nicotine – Is It Bad?

Due to its association with smoking and cigarettes, the chemical nicotine has developed quite a bad name for itself. The main component of tobacco is the chemical nicotine, and it has received the blame for all the deaths and unfortunate health complications that arise due to smoking.

However, ironically nicotine is the only thing in burning tobacco that isn’t harmful to the human body. Due to all the reasons mentioned above unfortunately all the potential benefits of nicotine are ignored and suppressed.

What are these potential benefits of nicotine you may ask?

Below are some of the main benefits that you can receive from nicotine.

Possible Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Nicotine tends to bind with receptors in the brain and other parts of your body and can stimulate various effects. These receptors are able to stimulate the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine and the most famed dopamine.

The nicotine addiction comes from this release of dopamine. The pleasure that arises in your body is what keeps you coming back for more.

Other than this dopamine has quite an important feature and that is to control uncontrolled movement. What happens when you have Parkinson’s diseases is that the cells producing dopamine are killed and therefore movement can’t be controlled. The current treatment itself cause another type of disorder known as dyskinesia.

According to research nicotine is quite effective in monkeys when it comes to treating this disorder but for humans the research is still going on.

A Cognitive Enhancer

Nicotine has neuroprotective abilities and it enables the prevention of degenerative brain illnesses. The similar properties that enable nicotine to be a possible treatment for Parkinson’s can also allow the improvement of some functions in the brains of those who use it. Nicotine is also known to improve temporary visual and memory attention.

Nicotine can be taken in various forms other than from tobacco. Check out vandyou.com for some of the best nicotine pouches.

According to a Psychology professor from the University Sussex, “Bizarrely, Nicotine is one of the most reliable cognitive enhancers in the industry today”.

Potential Fat Burner

The weight suppressant properties of nicotine have been around for a while. This is seen by smokers who gain weight after they stop smoking. A recent study shows how nicotine can trigger your metabolism burn some type of fat cells through thermogenesis.

Potential ADHD Treatment

Currently Ritalin is used to improve the attention span of people with ADHD. Research shows that nicotine might be just as effective as Ritalin.

Improve Reaction Time

A meta study has shown that nicotine is used to reduce your reaction time on an experimental task. This research was conducted in London’s Institute of Psychiatry and involved 113 smokers.

Nicotine Might Improve Athletic Performance

When it comes to competitive sports, quick reactions and improved short term memory are very much valued. Nicotine can provide these benefits so it’s quite easy to see why professional athletes might want to use nicotine as a performance enhancer.  

These are some of the potential benefits of the notorious chemical nicotine. The keyword here is potential because most of the research are still being conducted. Hopefully in the future, the and name associated with nicotine that comes with tobacco and smoking can be eliminated.

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