Symptoms That You Require a Root Canal Filling

Symptoms That You Require a Root Canal Filling

Body pains are annoying and contribute to a lot of discomfort but somehow nothing is worse than a toothache. The irritation and pain are something that sometimes even a painkiller does not reduce.

It is a nagging feeling that even so minor can interrupt your days’ work and leave you feeling lousy and irritated. It inhibits eating, drinking and overall quality of life. Teeth can hurt for a number of reasons; therefore, dental hygiene is of prime importance. 

Teeth problems are a common cause of bad dental hygiene. When teeth have been neglected as a child they tend to return as adults. These could be due to not enough brushing, cavities and bad dental hygiene.

A root canal procedure is one of the most common, it includes cleaning out the infested root canal, medicating it with antibiotics and sealing it entirely. Here is a list of reasons that might be a good reason you need a root canal procedure done.

Unbearable tooth pain

Tooth ache can be for a numerous of reasons. Infections, bad teeth, cavities and bad eating habits are some of the most common reasons. The root canal treatment only be determined once a Dentist can identify the cause and just how bad it is.

Tooth ache could even be due to wisdom teeth, though if you continue to feel continued pain it is best to not neglect it. The best way to determine it is to choose the right dentist in Baxter because its known for their good dental clinics.


 Excessive smoking and drinking are some of the most common reasons but among them eating coloured food and dying teeth are also some reasons. Though, if staining has begun to look regularly or looks abnormal it is probably best to check why. Discoloration could also mean that the root has been infected and needs to cleaned and treated.

Tooth Sensitivity

The sharp sensation you get when you drink or eat something very hot or cold is known as sensitivity. This is because the protective layer of the tooth has been detached revealing the nerve.

When the nerve comes into contact with the food or drink it respond striggering a shooting ache that is enormously painful and uncomfortable. The only way to solve an exposed nerve is through a root canal procedure but the degree of it will change depending on the severity.

Tender or swollen gums

Gumboils can be a frequent occurrence depending on the heat sometimes, level of dryness within the mouth and if you eat hot or spicy food frequently. However, while gumboils are painful, tenderness and swollen are completely new ball game. If your gums continue to feel wounded or as if they are always swollen in one particular area of the mouth that could be an underlining reason. If this does continue it is best to go check with a Dentist, as it could be an indicator of something more serious.

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