The Most Common Types of Dental Treatment

The Most Common Types of Dental Treatment

Are you someone suffering from frequent tooth pains? Or are you afraid to speak in front of an audience or most importantly, are you postponing your date with your lover simply because you are afraid that he or she would notice something ugly about your teeth? These are not just problems limited to you, many people have the same problems, but the good news is there also existing solutions.

Scale and polish

Scaling your teeth and polishing may be the most common treatment among the list of all dental treatments. This involves removing calculus and plaque deposits in your teeth. This may sound a bit painful, but you need not worry since your mouth will be numbed before any cleaning or scrubbing.

Fitting of braces

Stains and cavities are not the only problems that we face. Mostly among teenagers, they have a problem where their teeth may not have grown in the proper way. In simpler terms, they may have teeth requiring straightening or pushing back. Today this treatment of fitting braces has become so advanced to the extent that there are invisible braces made of clear plastic. You have two options, you can either opt for removable braces or fixed braces that cannot be taken out.


This is a common treatment in the case of holes occurring due to tooth decay. These fillings are made of various materials such as silver, mercury, copper, zinc, and tin. To find good dentists Berwick has many dental centres – they will suggest the most appropriate type of filling based on your needs.


This is a more permanent type of treatment that is used to completely replace a missing tooth or teeth. However, it may be more expensive depending on the type of material you hope to have fixed with.


This is another expensive treatment. Here the tooth that is decayed, damaged, or broken will be drilled to a smaller version, and thereafter, a crown type of a cap will be fitted over it, thus covering the whole tooth. Porcelain and metal are the most common types of materials used for this treatment. However, note that this is not simply a one-day procedure, it may take at least two days to complete the fitting of the crown.

Root canal treatment

As the name suggests, this type of treatment is not simply on the looks of your teeth, it is for the health and strength of your teeth. Though of course, it will indirectly affect how your teeth look ultimately. It is very important that you consult an experienced dentist in treatment as this, because, something done wrong could cost you not just a tooth, but your whole teeth set. Therefore, this type of root canal treatment is carried out along with a filling or the crown treatment, thus reducing the risk of spreading any infections to the rest of the teeth.

Dental implants

This is a possible alternative for those who are unable to go for other forms of fillings and dentures due to age and other reasons.

It is always best to refrain from practices causing any damage to your teeth in the first place, but do not hesitate to consider these dental treatments, because such teeth problems could worsen gradually if not treated properly.

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