Why Safety Is A Priority

Why Safety Is A Priority

They say, “Safety first is safety always!” This saying has given a clear explanation to all in the simplest form. The importance of safety is vital in every aspect of life. Whether it be regarding food, health, or roads, safety measures apply to all. Thus, being safe only secures your life and the lives of others from harm and damages.

One only realizes the actual value of being safe; when the outcomes are witnessed. There are several ways one organization uses to communicate safety measures. 

Some use visuals, while some have recordings on repeat.

The importance of safety signs:

Many organizations use safety and warning signs by using graphics and text. Hence, it is to ensure that the people receiving the message have a fair understanding and act appropriately. 

Not only in organizations, but you are likely to find warning signs in hospitals, roads, schools, airports, and many more places.

Safety measures are taken to stay away from harm and danger. One example is, you would have noticed this board placed in many washrooms, especially in a mall or an airport, where there are several washrooms in one room. The yellow board reads, ” Caution, wet floor.” 

The warning board is placed by the janitor after the floor is cleaned. The purpose of using this signboard is for the public’s safety. Anyone walking in would not know the floor is mopped, but due to this safety measure. Thus, one will take extra care while walking, which will avoid slipping.

Likewise, with the current situation of Covid-19, you have read and heard throughout, maintain a 1M distance, wear a mask, and other safety protocols. 

It definitely does not kill the virus but helps to stop the spread of it. 

Though, in a practical scenario, one cannot go behind every individual who does not follow the rules. Therefore, many businesses have come up with innovative ideas to implement strict measures on their premises. For instance, they could use safety stickers for doors.

Such as stickers that inform the public:

Not to enter if they are not well.

Notifying the entrance door is not used for existing.

Asking the public to disinfect the footwear before entering the building.

Telling them to sanitize their hands and wear a mask before entering. 

Moreover, there are floor stickers too that help to maintain the required distance. For example, placing the ‘stand here’ stickers 1 meter away from one another.

Apart from that, there are direction stickers too that guide an individual in a spacious building. Just like how there are road signs that notify drivers of the turns and road-ends on their route.

Furthermore, like these informative and safety warnings, there are signs that restrict from performing a few actions. These are known as prohibition signs. 

A few prohibiting signs are as follows:

No smoking sign makes it clear that the premises do NOT allow smoking.

Do not use mobile phones demands the public to keep their devices away. You are likely to find this prohibition sign in an inflammable environment, such as a gas station.

However, it is clear their safety is something that must concern each and every individual. 

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