Types of Dental Aids for the Mouth

Types of Dental Aids for the Mouth

From the time that you are a child, your mouth can undergo so many changes. This can be a result of tooth decay, improper growth of the teeth, chipped or broken teeth, etc. This is why visiting the dentist is very important on a regular basis. In many cases, the dentist would recommend certain dental aids for you to wear, so as to make sure oral health is maintained and also to make sure that the mouth is not disfigured. Here are just some of the more popular dental aids out there.


This is a very popular dental aid for adolescent teens. In many cases, teens would undergo many changes physically, which also include the mouth. If neglected, it can result in the improper growth of the teeth, such as misaligned teeth, and even result in difficulty in eating simple foods. These braces are metal strips that wrap around the teeth and configured to make sure that the teeth are slowly moved into place. These are often done with the tensioning of the metal strips. This is one of the most effective ways of facilitating proper oral health.

Dental Palate

This is a similar dental aid to the braces; however, the only difference is that the dental palate is something that can be removed by the patient when necessary. Once again these are recommended for children who seem to have smaller complications in mouth growth. More often than not, these dental aids address only one issue in the mouth. On the other hand, braces are made to correct any issues in the mouth. A dental palate is characterized as having an artificial upper mouth and a metal strip that runs around the upper teeth.

Acrylic Dentures

These are low-cost dentures Perth dental clinics highly recommend this for people who have severe teeth loss. Of course, this does not include children. This type of aid is more suited for the adult. Moreover, since this type of dental aid is a low cost one, it can be easily repaired by the dentist.

They are recommended for patients with serious teeth loss or those who may need to have some teeth removed because these dentures are easy to repair, reline, or modify. This is why it is recommended for old people.

Nylon Dentures

These types of dentures are more flexible in that there are a few metal parts in this denture. They are made using a thermoplastic nylon material so that it is flexible and can fit in the mouth in a more natural way.

Moreover, these can be made in such a way that it would look like you are not wearing dentures at all. If you are young and are already suffering from tooth loss, this is the perfect type of denture for you. The comfort level is much higher as well since there are no metal retainers in the denture. This makes maintenance much easier as well.

There are we have it. It is some of the more popular dental aids recommended by a dentist.

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