Why You Should Talk to A Professional to Help with Your PTSD

Why You Should Talk to A Professional to Help with Your PTSD

Trauma is something that a lot have experienced but thought of it as an experience that is normal and which happens to most. This is true especially for natural disasters such as flood, bushfire, earthquake where in the effect is widespread.

Serious accidents, violent attacks, sexual assaults could also be considered a trauma. And perhaps one of the most common incidents where the victims experience severe trauma is being drafted and sent to a war zone and or witnessing a violent death.

People react differently to trauma. Some manages to get over the circumstances with ease, while others required the help of professionals, which is in no way wrong or it does not necessarily mean they are weaker or something is amiss. Caring for one’s mental health must be in equal to caring for our physical health.

To have someone who has the time to listen to you

You might think that mental health professionals listen to clients because they are getting paid for it. Of course, this is also true and since this is their profession. But similar to medical doctors, health professionals took an oath to prioritize their patients’ well-being. The difference to having a professional listen to you compared to a friend, a family member or a partner is that they are experienced and could give you a professional advice on what you must do since they have had patients in the past with similar case such as yours.

To have someone who understands what you are going through

Since medical health professionals have studied for years regarding caring for one’s mental health, they understand what you are going through, even if they have not experienced what you experienced themselves. They could also draw from their previous patients or colleagues’ patients whose case is comparable to yours.

If you are amongst patients who are hesitant to talk to a stranger about the trauma that you experienced, PTSD therapy in Melbourne is taking an innovative approach via online counselling. Patients who are not comfortable to talk could even chat with a health professional. If the patient could also only be more open if they are in the comforts of their own home could even talk to a mental health professional via phone or video call.

To have the proper medication for your symptoms

Since we all react to bad situations differently, there are some who even falls into depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders. Talking to a professional could help with the symptoms to these disorders. Medication is also important and similar to any other ailments; you should not self-medicate. A mental health professional is the only one with the credentials, experience and legally allowed to prescribe the proper medicine for your symptoms.

It’s difficult to get over a trauma and that’s okay. Not everyone could forget easily and not everyone could go through their day without thinking of their suffering. Being incapacitated because of this is also acceptable. What’s important is that you know when to seek help when things become unbearable.

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