Common Occupational Hazards and How to Resolve Them

Common Occupational Hazards and How to Resolve Them

Is your life at risk every time you go to work? Well the practical answer to this is depends on the type of industry you work in. Usually people tend to thing to that most workplace injuries occur in the construction and manufacturing industry but isn’t the case.

Accident are quite random, and studies show that accidents can happen anywhere at any time to anyone. However, the severity of the injury cause can differ from industry to industry, yet the outcome will still be the same. The injured will have to treated and the safety of the workplace will have to be reassessed to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

To avoid these random injuries from happening a company should have a detailed set of safety regulations. Below are some of the most common occupational hazards and solutions for each one.

Slip, Falls and Trips

This is probably the most common type of injury sustained in a working environment. This type of injury can occur due to unorganized wires, wet floors, random articles on the floor and open desk drawers.

To avoid this type of accident the first thing to do is to be aware of your surroundings. Another thing to do is to have a system to record incidents so that proper action can be taken. Always have your office space well-lit so that every pathway and object is visible.

Aggressive Behaviour

Sadly, due to work stress nowadays mood swings, erratic behaviour and arguments are quite common in the workplace today. Workplace anxiety and stress can cause both mental and physical damage to us and our co-workers.

To prevent this from happening the most important thing is to have workplace mental wellbeing services. Apart from this what employees could do is to be diligent with their co-workers and to avoid arguments at all costs. Reading a person is also quite important.

The ideal workplace should be a synergy to achieve a common goal rather than individual agendas.

Body Postures

Ergonomic working spaces are on the rise today due to poor postures maintained by many workers and even students nowadays.

Sitting in one place and typing at a stretch can cause strain on your muscles, eyes, back, neck and fingers. Ergonomic is basically the science behind efficiency and safe interactions. Since the effects of bad postures is only visible in the long run, not much attention is given.

Reckless Negligence

Halfway through a workday many employees experience what is known as a brain fade. This can lead to damages due to reckless negligence.

Smart phones have increased this type of injury because most people are engrossed in their tiny screens. This combined with brain fade can cause serious fatalities.  To overcome this, it is recommended that you keep all your employees alert with spot checks and quick stand-up meetings.

These are some of the most common types of workplace accidents and injuries that occur. These can easily be avoided by taking simple measures mentioned above.

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